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What is a Blog and How Does it Work

I always like to explain a Blog as a Journal of sorts. It’s a list of journal entries, called posts, you write that show up on your website in reverse chronological order. Each Blog Post has its own name and topic that you write about. Before we move on let’s define...

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Facebook Live Video Checklist

Have you ever gotten off of a Facebook Live Video and thought of ALL the things you didn't say and knew you should have? Wish you had a list right in front of you so you could remember all of it? Yeah, well guess what? Here I am this Online Marketing...

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Affiliate Marketing Online

When Melissa and I decided to do this series on the different business models you can use to make an income around your message and purpose I was super excited to share this particular one with you. Becoming an Affiliate!! I think the reason I like this one so much is...

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