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How to Download Fonts to iPad and use with Design Space

How to Download Fonts to iPad and use with Design Space

Did you know that you can download Fonts to your iPad and use it in programs like Design Space, Microsoft Word, and Excel?

Before I started crafting I use to help my sister do web design work so I knew that you could download different fonts onto your computer but didn’t realize it was an option for your iPad until I started using Cricut’s Design Space.

Being able to create and design projects on the go, as the ideas come to me, has been a HUGE blessing.

In order to download the fonts, I do recommend an App called AnyFont (this tutorial does use this app to install the fonts). The app does cost $1.99 but it seems to be the most popular and highly rated font app in the app store PLUS it’s super easy to work with.

vvvvv Watch the Video Tutorial Below vvvvv 

(If you buy something through the affiliate links in this post I earn a small commission which helps me to keep bringing you FREE tutorials and DIY Projects. Plus it doesn't cost you anything extra.)

Follow the STEPS Below  

STEP 1 – Install AnyFont App onto your iPad (Do this FIRST before moving forward)

Anyfont app icon

STEP 2 – Head over to and either search on the name of the font you want to download or look through the thousands of fonts they have. For this tutorial, I downloaded and installed the Autumn in November font. Once you have found the font you want to download click on the download button to the right of it.

Using Dafont to download fonts to iPad

STEP 3 – Choose Open the zip file in AnyFont. If AnyFont does not appear, click on the More button and the second screen will appear where you can choose to Copy to AnyFont.

STEPS 4 – 12 – These next several steps are pretty straightforward but I know my friend Diana, and maybe you are like this also, whenever something pops up on her screen talking technical stuff she freezes up and won’t move forward.

I totally get it and understand because you don’t want to mess anything up so I walk you through these next handful of steps just so you can see that it didn’t mess anything up and in fact downloaded and installed the font on my iPad.

Tap on icon to install

Tap on Allow

Tap on Install (located at the top right of screen)

Enter your iPads passcode (this may not appear if you don’t have a passcode)

Tap on Next (located at top right of screen)

Tap on Install (located at top right of screen)

Tap on Install

Tap on Done (located at the top right of screen)

Tap on Done (top right of screen)

Click on Open and it will take you back to the Anyfont app

You have successfully just downloaded a font onto your iPad. Now you can go to town downloading all your favorites fonts and start using them in Design Space.

If this tutorial helped at all, why not share it with a fellow Cricuteer?



Cricut Accessories You’ll Need to Get Started on Your First Project

Cricut Accessories You’ll Need to Get Started on Your First Project

Cricut Accessories you need to begin your first project

My friend Diana called me up last night so excited she was about to burst at the seams, she just purchased the Cricut Explore Air 2 online and it would be delivered next week.
Her question to me, “What Cricut accessories do I need to get started on my first project?”

This is the same exact question I had when my daughters bought me my Cricut Explore Air 2 for Mother’s Day. Of course, I had been part of several Cricut Groups on Facebook so I did have an idea as to what I needed but since it was my daughters who bought it for me they didn’t know what accessories were needed in order for me to really dive in.

When her Cricut comes in I’ll be heading over to her house to help her set it up but the following accessories are the ones I wish I had when I started on my first project and I think every Cricut Beginner really needs to get started.

(If you buy something through the affiliate links in this post I earn a small commission which helps me to keep bringing you FREE tutorials and DIY Projects. Plus it doesn't cost you anything extra.)

# 1 Cricut Accessory would have to be the Cricut Mats (a 12 x 12 Standard Grip mat, the green one, should have come with your machine)

Cricut Accessory - Cricut Mats

These mats are what your vinyl, paper, HTV and other material would be placed on in order for the Cricut machine to cut. There are many videos that actually show you how to use your Cricut without a mat but for me, I like the sense of security and knowing my material is stuck on and not going anywhere.

Green Mat (Standard Grip) – Used for projects using patterned paper, vinyl, iron-on, and cardstock
Blue Mat (Light Grip) – Used for projects using printer paper, light cardstock, vellum and more
Purple Mat (Strong Grip) – Used for projects using chipboard, stiff fabric, glitter and specialty cardstock, glitter cardstock and more


# 2 Cricut Accessory that every single Beginner needs are the Tools Basic Set

Cricut Accessories - Tool Basic Set

These are tools that you’ll need in order to weed your vinyl and HTV (Heat Transfer Vinyl) projects plus the scraper is what allows you to ensure your vinyl is sticking to the transfer paper as well as the project/craft you’re working on. This basic set includes: Scissors with protective blade cover; Tweezers; Weeder; Scraper; and Spatula 


# 3 Cricut Accessory for those that plan on doing a lot of projects with cards, cardstock, thank you cards etc. Scoring Stylus

Cricut Explore Air 2 Scoring Stylus

This is one of those tools that I did not have starting out and I went to do a project that needed this tool and was so bummed that I didn’t have it. I don’t want you to get stuck like I was so I definitely recommend having this little gem on hand.

This tool allows you to score fold lines for cards, boxes, 3D projects and more.

The following are not accessories but supplies you are going to NEED to do any vinyl projects, t-shirt’s, stencils or stickers of any kind.

Cricut Supplies you’ll need for Vinyl Projects

VINYL – When it comes to Vinyl the BEST vinyl out there is Oracle Vinyl. It’s been the industry standard for high-performance decals and has been the number 1 suggested vinyl in the world of cutting machines like Cricut and Silhouette.

The two most popular kinds are the 631 and 651. The Oracal 631 has a matte finish on it – meaning it does not have the glossy sheen to it, it also has a lighter adhesive so it is best used indoors and can be removed fairly easily. If you have the Oracal 631 it will only last about 3 years if on something outside.
The Oracal 651 is a more permanent adhesive and is what you want to use on signs and things that will be outdoors or you want to last a long time. This vinyl is also shiny unless you order it specifically in matte. The outdoor life of 651 is about 6 years.

The cheapest and best place I have found this Oracal Vinyl is at Speedy Vinyl. You can check them out here:

TRANSFER TAPE – Transfer tape is the application tape you will be using for all of your vinyl projects like signs, stickers, and decals for the wall or car. They have different amounts of tackiness on the different transfer tapes so you want to be careful on which transfer tape you use tape you use on each project.
For example, you’ll want to use this transfer tape for most of your vinyl projects. It is a medium tack transfer paper that is so much easier to transfer your vinyl to whatever material you’re trying to.

The Cricut Explore Air 2 -My Mothers Day Present

The Cricut Explore Air 2 -My Mothers Day Present

(If you buy something through the affiliate links in this post I earn a small commission which helps me to keep bringing you FREE tutorials and DIY Projects. Plus it doesn't cost you anything extra.)

I love working with wood and pallets to make customized, personalized signs for my loved ones and giving them as presents. What I didn’t love is the fact that the designs I came up with for these signs there were no stencils already made for them. The process I went through to paint letters and designs on wood were so tedious, time-consuming and sometimes downright frustrating.

But, hey, we all start somewhere and you do what you have to do with what you have…and that’s exactly what I did.

Take for instance this sign that I made for my sisters and brother last Christmas. I put a picture of our parents to the left then handpainted their favorite sayings to us kids while growing up.  I literally printed out the text on an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper, put it face down on the wood, traced over the outline of each letter, then painted within the lines (you can tell I’m not that great at painting on wood lol). Like I said, it was time-consuming and frustrating, especially for this recovering perfectionist. 🙂

Painting on Wood without a stencil


I had heard about the Cricut about a year before and knew that it would cut out a customized stencil for me but to be honest, the price was just a little bit out of my budget and there were a lot of things going on in my life that needed my attention more.

Of course, with each wood project I did, I always told myself that ONE DAY I will have a Cricut Cutting Machine and these projects will go so much faster but until then carry on.

A couple of my friends had gotten Cricut machines and I was seeing all the wonderful projects they were creating. I would show my daughters the projects they were making and I think even they were impressed with all the crafts you can make with this machine.

Fast forward to Mothers Day 2017 – my daughter Brianna works at an Assisted Living Facility and she asked me and my other daughter, Makayla, to come and bring her lunch, so we did. Unbeknownst to me these two went in halves and bought me my very own Cricut Explore Air 2 and surprised me with it at Brianna’s work.

I was in the kitchen with Brianna while Makayla was calling me into the other room and when I entered it took me about a second or two to realize what was on the table. You can watch the video below. I really was come with all sorts of emotions. 

I was so overwhelmed with emotion that my daughters would do this for me that I just cried. It was truly such a precious moment.

Of course, I couldn’t wait to get home, set it up and start using it.

Ever since then I’ve been crafting and doing DIY projects like there is no tomorrow. lol

I will say that even though my daughters bought me the machine they didn’t realize there were some Cricut Accessories that I needed in order to do my first project. I wanted to make sure I mention that just in case you are going to buy the Cricut Explore Air 2 for your loved ones.

I always love hearing the stories of how people came to owning their Cricut Machine so why not share with us in the comments what made you purchase one of these amazing cutting machines?

How do you Praise God in the Storm

How do you Praise God in the Storm

Praising God in the midst of the storms of life has to be one of the hardest things to do yet it’s one of the greatest gifts God has given to us his children.

My mom and brother Ray who also went home to be with the Lord 6 years after Mom

It was August 9, 2006, my 34th Birthday, when my husband and kids arrived at my Mom and Dad’s house. I had gotten the call the day before that my mom was sent home with hospice and all 6 of us kids needed to get there because it wouldn’t be long before she was gone.

My mom was my best friend…my sounding board…my prayer partner…the one I went to for EVERYTHING…the one I spoke to every single day sometimes 2-3 times a day.

I couldn’t lose her!! 

You see, my mom was diagnosed with Cancer in Nov. of 2005 and in the midst of all the treatments, all the chemo, all the stuff that was being spoken to her she asked me to stand with her in faith that our savior Jesus Christ would heal her and she would be a testimony to the goodness and faithfulness of God.

So I did! I stood with her in prayer, in faith, in words, in spirit, and in soul. I stood with her on God’s word and his promises.

But it didn’t work, or so I thought I didn’t because now I know God’s ways and plans are so much bigger than ours. 😉

As I was saying we arrived at the house in the evening and when I walked in she was being helped off the toilet by my sister and brother-in-law, she was too weak to even stand by herself.  As she was standing up I remember her saying, “Oh Lord, thank you for being so good to me!”

Psalm 34:1

“…I will praise the LORD at all times; His praise will always be on my lips.”

I wanted to scream, “Being Good to you mom? Really, you’re dying of cancer and can’t even go to the bathroom yourself and still, you’re praising Him. For what, He hasn’t healed you!”
This coming from a prayer warrior myself and seeing God work miracle after miracle through me and around me. I was a force to be reckoned with in the spiritual realm because I know the power and authority God has given to us his children.

But this, watching my mom dying of cancer, this wrecked me to the core of everything I believed in!

Four days later, on August 13, 2006, my mom took her last breath here on this earth, with a huge smile on her face, and her first breath in paradise. Surrounded by all of her children, with the exception of my brother Ray who was on his way back from picking up his wife from the airport, some of her grandchildren and my Dad singing to her as she passed.

After losing her I fell into such a horrible depression, turned my back on God and honestly didn’t care what happened to me or any of my family. It was such a dark, depressing time with no hope in sight.

But God! He reached through that darkness and brought me out of that miry clay to where I am today. This is a story and testimony all on its own that I’ll share as I continue this site.

Through the first 5 years of her being gone, I kept hearing my mom say those words over and over again in my head, “Oh Lord, thank you for being so good to me!”
I prayed that in the midst of the storms of my life, no matter what they were, I would be able to Praise God in them and through them and be a testimony to those around me just like my mom was.

Well, don’t you know when you pray for something like that things have to happen that put you in a situation where you’re forced to practice what you prayed for so you can get better at it?

Yeah, well all hell broke loose in my life and throughout the last 6 years God has taken me by the hand and walked me through EVERY SINGLE SITUATION and with each one of these I have learned how to praise him through those storms.

How do you Praise God in the Storm

The following things are things I’ve done over the years that have taught me how to Praise God in the midst of some of the most tumultuous storms of life I’ve ever been through.

Doing these things have taken me from a state of total brokenness, despair, anguish, hopelessness into a life where I  can walk through these storms with a renewed sense of hope, joy unspeakable, a peace that goes beyond all understanding and a faith that grows with every obstacle.

PRAISE AND WORSHIP MUSIC – This literally right here is number one thing I tell everyone to do when they are facing the most gut-wrenching storms of life. It literally takes you a click or tap of a button to listen to worship music. When you have no idea what to pray, what scripture to read your bible, you feel so lost and hopeless, or you’re angry and have been betrayed when you put on that music and shut yourself out from the world you’re instantly taken into his presence.
When your focus is whole heartily on Him, our Abba, our Savior your problems disappear and your heart begins to heal with each anointed worship song you hear.

Seriously…get away for just 15 minutes and listen to worship music and begin to Praise God in the midst of what you are going through.

Here’s a great worship song to get you Praising the Lord!

READ SCRIPTURE  OUT LOUD – His word tells us in Romans 10:17 “Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God” I love reciting the book of Psalms out loud. Find a book, a scripture, a story and read that out loud to yourself. God word is ALIVE and in Numbers 23:19 he says, “God is not a man, that He should lie, Nor a son of man, that He should repent; Has He said, and will He not do it? Or has He spoken, and will He not make it good?” When you read HIS word, it is speaking life over you and ultimately praising God for his word that he has given to us.

MEDITATE ON EVERYTHING HE HAS ALREADY DONE FOR YOU – If you don’t keep a journal please allow me to highly recommend that you start? The journals I kept before, during and even now are full of testimonies of how God loves me, cherishes me, believes in me, fights for me, redeemed me and has, is and always will be right there by my side. Reading these journals I can’t help but to praise him and be reminded of everything he has freed me from. They are a reminder to the fact that there is no storm of life that can take me out because my Abba is the one true God who created me for this time and season and nothing can hurt me.

He has created you to have a relationship with you and to glorify Himself through you. Meditate on his goodness and begin to Praise him through whatever you are going through.

MINISTER TO OTHERS – Whew…this one right here, when others share their heart with you and you allow the Holy Spirit to minister through you two things happen. 1. You are no longer focused on yourself and your problems and 2. Every time I’ve ministered to others the Holy Spirit ministers to me and a lot of the times will give me the answer to a situation I’m going through or answer a prayer I’ve been praying.
There is so much POWER in ministering to others, maybe that’s why Satan is trying so hard to silence us Christians.

“They triumphed over him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony; they did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death.” Revelation 12:11
This is how we praise God in the midst of those storms, we share our testimony and in doing that we glorify our Abba and the enemy gets a huge black eye. 😉

So How do you Praise God in the Storm? Start with these 4 things and I promise you that the Holy Spirit will reveal even more ways you can Praise Him in the storm.

You know something realized when I began doing these things?

My mom did the exact stuff while going through not only cancer but other storms in her life. Funny how God brings things back to our remembrance when we need it.

What about you? What are some things that you do that helps you to Praise God while going through the storms in your own life? I’d love to hear about them as I’m sure others that read this post would so leave it in the comment section below.

Crafting With Purpose


Your Praise Will Ever Be on my Lips

Handmade Wood Sign – Your Praise Will Ever Be on my Lips: This sign was created to join together with this post on How to Praise God in the Storm even when you can’t seem to breathe.

My prayer is that every time you see this sign hanging on your wall you will be reminded that through all of the storms in our lives one thing remains constant: God, his love for us and his promises to us.


Crafting with Purpose is a weekly series where scriptures and crafting come together. Each week the Holy Spirit gives me a teaching or a craft that coincide with each other. I’ll design and create a project then bring life to it by sharing with you how we can apply God’s word to our daily lives and live a life of Victory. Now instead of just have a beautiful handcrafted and designed craft you have a craft with purpose. 

What is a Cricut Machine and What Can I Use It For

What is a Cricut Machine and What Can I Use It For

What in the world is a Cricut and what do you use it for? I mean, what sort of things can you make with it?

I would have to say this question is the number one question my friends ask me when I show them all the things I’ve been making with my Cricut Explore Air 2 Machine.

First things first, what the Cricut is not…
It’s not Cricket Wireless, although it does have Bluetooth wireless technology. lol
It’s not the Crickets you hear outside
It’s not that awkward silence after someone tells a bad joke

Crazy as it sounds some of my friends have mentioned the above Crickets so I figured I’d let you know right away it’s not any of those three things. 🙂

When I describe the Cricut to my friends I usually tell them, it’s a machine that cuts all sorts of things. From vinyl, cardstock, paper, Iron-on, bonded fabric, poster board and soooo much more. Like more than 100 different materials more PLUS you can also draw, score, and engrave with it.

Projects you can make with the Cricut Machine

Make Customized & Personalized Designs for:

  • Car Decals
  • Wall Decals (Decorate your home with beautiful quotes and scriptures)
  • Stencils (Love those wooden signs? Now you can make those as well)
  • Cards (Birthday, Anniversary, Christmas and any other occasion you can think of)
  • T-Shirts (For Reunions, Gender Reveal, Onesies for babies, Birthday present etc.)
  • Christmas Ornaments
  • Paper Gift boxes and tags
  • Vinyl quotes for coffee cups, water bottles or even those stainless steel tumblers like Yeti and Ozark
  • Labels for Organizing rooms like your Kitchen, Kids rooms, Garage etc.
  • Monogram shirts, water bottles, picture frames, wood signs
  • Paper Flowers

Farmhouse Wooden Sign - Always Stay Humble and KindAs you can see, the amount of DIY Projects you can make with your Cricut is limitless. I’ve seen people take photographs of loved ones they’ve lost and made vinyl decals to put on their cars or put that image on t-shirts for everyone. It’s mind-boggling the number of creative projects you can make with this machine.

Some other cool things to note about the Cricut is:

  • You’re able to use over 3,000 ready-to-make projects or make quick cuts from their extensive image library
  • You can use your tablet, smartphone or computer to create projects
  • It has Bluetooth Technology so you can use it wirelessly
  • You can upload your own images
  • Use your own Fonts

Projects I’ve made with my Cricut so far and what sort of projects they were

The following images are DIY projects that use Vinyl. Vinyl is like stickers but lasts so much longer and are extremely durable. You can place these on walls, cars, glass, wood, furniture, cups or pretty much anywhere you’d like.


HTV (Heat Transfer Vinyl) Projects

Stencil Project

Check out the Cricut Explore Air 2 Here:

Be YOUnique – DIY Glitter Glass Jar

Be YOUnique – DIY Glitter Glass Jar

These beautiful Glitter Glass jars add so much personality to your makeup routine. I’ve seen these a few times on Pinterest and just thought they were so adorable. My daughter Makayla loves her makeup and has always wanted a cute little brush holder for all her makeup brushes so I figured I’d try my hand out at these jars.

Of course, this Momma is all about being unique in who God has called you to be so I put a little spin on this glass jar.

Although I love the “Hello Beautiful” or “Hello Gorgeous” I wanted her to be reminded every single day to be YOUnique…to stand out…to be herself in a world that says beauty is on the outside.

You can also use these glitter jars to hold your pens and pencils at your office, home or school (if you’re the teacher of course). I’m thinking that’s what I’ll be doing since I’m not the big makeup person like my daughter. 😉

I’m thinking that’s what I’ll be doing since I’m not the big makeup person like my daughter is but I definitely need to be reminded daily to be who God created me to be. 😉

“DISCLOSURE: I may be an affiliate for products that I recommend. If you purchase those items through my links I will earn a commission. You will not pay more when buying a product through my link but when you do order through my link, it helps me to continue to offer you lots of free stuff.   Thank you, in advance for your support!”


A Glass Jar (I got my glass jars from the Dollar Tree)
Extra Fine Glitter (This is the one I used for this tutorial) >> Sulyn extra fine Glitter <<
Minwax Polycrylic Clear Gloss
Foam brush
Mod Podge
Be YOUnique Decal

Stay tuned for our DIY Friday’s! I jump on Facebook Live and walk you step by step on creating some of the most popular items on Pinterest and the crafting world.

Watch the LIVE DIY for this Glitter Glass Makeup brush or cute pen/pencil holder below:


DIY Mason Jar Tissue Holder

DIY Mason Jar Tissue Holder

Learn how to make this DIY Mason Jar Tissue Holder in the following tutorial

DIY Mason Jar Tissue Holder with Bless You Vinyl


These Mason Jar Kleenex Tissue holders are the cutest things ever!

If you’ve been anywhere near Pinterest then I am sure you have seen these floating around on some of the top crafting boards out there.

I’ve made several of these for my friends on their Birthdays and they just love them.

A few weeks ago I shared this photo and asked my friends if they would be interested in learning how to make these and I got a resounding YES!!!

So, I figured I’d put together a quick post, do a Facebook Live Video and show you how quick and easy these tissue holders are to make.

“DISCLOSURE: I may be an affiliate for products that I recommend. If you purchase those items through my links I will earn a commission. You will not pay more when buying a product through my link but when you do order through my link, it helps me to continue to offer you lots of free stuff.   Thank you, in advance for your support!”


A Mason Jar (Quart size jar)
Chalk Paint (or Acrylic paint, whichever one you would like to use)
Paintbrush or Foam brush
Sandpaper – 220 Grit Fine (if you want the distressed/ shabby chic look)
Glue gun/ glue
Kleenex Tissues (Cheapest place to get these are at Target for $6/ 4 pack)
Foam Sheet or Scrapbook paper
Xacto Knife or Scissors
Bless You Decal


Follow along as I show my good friend Diana step by step how to make this cute mason jar tissue holder

You Are a Masterpiece, Handcrafted by God

You Are a Masterpiece, Handcrafted by God

My youngest daughter Makayla had just given birth to her first baby, a very cute, precious little boy named Ezra Michael. She stayed with us her entire pregnancy since her husband was deployed to Iraq and they had just got stationed in North Carolina where she knew no-one.

Of course, this Momma was very happy and excited to get to walk out this journey of my daughter’s life with her.

I was able to lay hands on her belly and speak God’s word to and over Ezra as God was forming him in the depths of his Mommy’s belly. We spoke life and God’s blessings over him and whenever someone would speak something that didn’t line up with the word of God don’t you know this Grandma rose up in spirit and crushed those words spoken over him.

We prayed that her husband Wes would make it home to see his first born son being born – prayer was answered
We prayed that her labor and delivery would be smooth and she wouldn’t tear – prayer answered
We asked Abba that Ezra would have no complications and that he was born natural – prayer answered
We prayed for many more things that God was so faithful to answer.

The one thing that the Holy Spirit prompted me to come against was the spirit of postpartum depression. I had battled that with her older sister Brianna and under my spiritual watch she was not going to battle it. Of course, back then I had NO IDEA what I was going through and definitely didn’t have anyone in my life that knew their power and authority in the spiritual realm.

Well, it was a day or two after she brought Ezra home and came to the realization she was not able to breastfeed. Won’t go into detail about since it’s her testimony but it was a huge blow to her and that is all Satan needed…that open door.

Don’t you know that this Momma and Dad went into spiritual warfare over her, along with her husband and took authority over that spirit and sent it right where the Lord Jesus would have it go.

As my husband was praying he spoke something that just resonated with my spirit and soul, he said, “You were handcrafted by God…” then, of course, he kept on praying but those 5 words lingered long after the prayer was spoken and even answered.

It was a few days later when I was in prayer and listening to Praise and Worship music that I was led to look up the scripture about being God’s Masterpiece. I headed over to Ephesians 2:10 and this is what it says, “For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.” I meditated on that for days along with being handcrafted by God.

I meditated on this scripture for days along with being handcrafted by God and I started saying, “I am a Masterpiece, Handcrafted by God,” when I woke, during the day and when I laid down at night time.

Now, I am NOT a graphic designer at all! Let me repeat that…I am NOT a graphic design person at all and anything I have ever tried to create from my visions fail miserably. I end up taking it to my sister Melissa and she makes it pretty for me. But this time, I had the vision in my head and while waiting for Hurricane Irma to hit us I sat down and designed the following masterpiece.

I am a Masterpiece - Handcrafted by God

I love how it came out so much so I made a little onsie for baby Ezra and painted it on a pallet sign that I made from all the pallets I have. Check them out below.


In the midst of all the tragedies…God is there

In the midst of all the tragedies…God is there

I woke up this morning to the horrific details of what is going on in Las Vegas, NV, and my heart just sunk. As I sat there watching the news coverage I started thinking of everything that has been going on in the world these past few months and my heart just breaks.

From hurricanes and earthquakes to protest and political divide. You can’t help but to look at the world and cry out to our Abba for Shalom (peace) to come to the world or for Jesus to come back soon.

Yet, if you know the word of God then you know that things will only get worse.

As I was watching everything unfold I could sense the Holy Spirit whispering to my spirit to shut it down and come spend time with him. As I entered my office/prayer room, the following just came like a rushing tidal wave and I quickly wrote it down as fast as it was coming to me.

As a child of the one true God (Yahweh) we have this victory through Jesus Christ that…

In the midst of chaos, He brings order
In the midst of destruction, He brings hope
Patiently Waiting - Obtaining the PromiseIn the midst of fear, He brings courage
In the midst of confusion, He brings clarity
In the midst of uncertainty, He brings direction
In the midst of death, He brings life
In the midst of evil, He brings goodness
In the midst of depression, He brings joy
In the midst of brokenness, He brings restoration
In the midst of hate, He brings love
In the midst of frustration, He brings calmness
In the midst of anger, He brings peace
In the midst of division, He brings unity
In the midst of the storm, He brings quietness
In the midst of war, He brings protection
In the midst of heartache, He brings comforts
In the midst of sickness, He brings healing
In the midst of loss, He brings gain
In the midst of lack, He brings abundance
In the midst of darkness, He brings to light
In the midst of  weakness, He brings strength
In the midst of our sin, He brings redemption
In the midst of injustice, He brings justice
In the midst of lies, He brings truth
In the midst of captivity, he brings freedom
In the midst of bondage, He brings deliverance
In the midst of loneliness, He brings belonging

I’m reminded of so many stories in God’s word where God showed up IN THE MIDST of tragedies, but one particular kept coming to mind as I was praying.

The story in Daniel 3 of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. These three Jewish men would not serve King Nebuchadnezzar’s gods or worship the image of gold he had set up. As a matter of fact, their exact words were, “King Nebuchadnezzar, we do not need to defend ourselves before you in this matter. 17 If we are thrown into the blazing furnace, the God we serve is able to deliver us from it, and he will deliver us from Your Majesty’s hand. 18 But even if he does not, we want you to know, Your Majesty, that we will not serve your gods or worship the image of gold you have set up.”

Well, we all know they were thrown into the furnace but before they were the king ordered it to be heated seven times hotter than usual!! It was so hot that the soldiers that took Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego up into the furnace were instantly burned and died instantly. Yet, here are these three men, fully clothed, hands bound together thrown into the blazing fire.

Now the God moment…King Nebuchadnezzar looks into the furnace and is baffled because he knew he only threw THREE men into that furnace, bound and yet He says, “Look! I see four men walking around in the fire, unbound and unharmed, and the fourth looks like a son of the gods.”

Oh, Hallaleuh!!!

In the midst of the fire, God brought protection and deliverance.

Notice, He didn’t stop them from going into the fire, just as he doesn’t stop the tragedies from happening in our lives. But, in the midst of everything we go through God is there…ALWAYS…bringing us what we need at that very hour.

My prayer for all of us brothers and sisters is that the Lord would comfort the brokenhearted, that we would love one another through all of this and that God’s Glory would be revealed in the midst of these tragedies throughout all the earth.

That we all would cling to Him and His word and that his perfect will would be done on this earth as it is in heaven.

With much love and compassion,



An open letter to my sister Angela

An open letter to my sister Angela

To my sister Angela,

For months now my heart has been so heavy for you. It’s almost like The Lord has allowed me to feel your past regrets, your pain, your insecurities, your hurts, your wounds, your anger, your frustration, your shame and guilt, all your doubts, fears and unbelief that you struggle with.

That is why I felt so strongly that you needed to hear the TRUTH about yourself. What God, our Abba Father says about his daughter. Not what the world says, not what your husband says, not what your family says, not what your friends say, but what GOD says about you, his beloved. Everything he speaks is truth and shines light in the darkness.


Below are just a few things I thought you should know about who you are in Christ.

1st ~ Did you know that you were HIS daughter before you were Mom & Dad’s?

Yep that’s right, he formed you in our Momma’s womb and set you apart.

You see God is no respecter of persons and what he does for one he will do for another. In the book of Jeremiah 1:5 the word of The Lord came to him saying, “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.

God let Jeremiah know that he knew him before he ever entered his mother’s womb. He may  not be calling you to be a prophet to the nations (of course I wouldn’t put it past him) but he called you to be a Proverbs 31 woman. A wife to Gerry and a Mom to Colin, Conor, Ella & Eli. Because of this calling you may just be called to speak to the nations but it will be through what you teach your children.

Don’t think it strange that you use to play with dolls and barbies for hours my dear sister. God was preparing you, even back then, and though your family made fun of you (so sorry for that) God knew what he was preparing you for. How AWESOME is that.

2nd ~ Do you know how beautiful you truly are?

I’m not talking about the outside appearance either (although you are beautiful on the outside but God doesn’t care about the outward appearance of his children) he cares about our heart. Our flesh will age and eventually give way but the heart is what God is looking at.

How do I know this??? Glad you asked sis, because in Samuel 16:7 says… But the Lord said to Samuel, “Do not look on his appearance or on the height of his stature, because I have rejected him. For the Lord sees not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart.” Wow, that says a lot right there. God rejects the appearance and stature of a man and just looks at the heart.
You know what I remember most about you while growing up? Your heart to give! If you had something that you treasured so dearly and someone else wanted it, you gave it to them. You would give out of such a big heart and never expect anything in return. Always thinking of others and it always brought you so much joy. That is the heart God gave you sis and one that is truly beautiful in the eyes of our Lord.

3 ~ Do you know how smart and intelligent you are?

All your life you have put yourself down for not getting good grades, for saying “dumb” things in conversations and for doing blonde, Polish things, but guess what??? “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge; fools despise wisdom and instruction.” ~ Proverbs 1:7

God didn’t call you to have degrees hanging on your wall (you can’t take them with you when The Lord calls you home anyway) but he did call you to be a “Mom” and the titles for that position far exceed any degree the world has to offer.

Heres 20 titles I came up with off the top of my head…

  1. Taxi driver
  2. Counselor
  3. Maid
  4. Cook
  5. Nurse
  6. Lawyer
  7. Judge
  8. Executioner (ya know executing those punishments lol)
  9. Mediator (between the kids and of course between Daddy and the kids)
  10. Referee
  11. Comforter
  12. Healer
  13. Hero
  14. Entertainer
  15. Teacher
  16. Friend
  17. Ghost Buster
  18. Seamstress
  19. Lifeguard
  20. Party Planner

I could go on and on but you get the drift. It takes a very smart, wise, intelligent woman to handle all these positions 24/7 with no holidays and very few breaks.

Oh and I won’t even mention all the titles that come with being a Wife.

Next time the enemy tries to tell you that you are “stupid”, “dumb” or uses others to put you down, just remember… you fear the one that gives wisdom and are wiser than the enemy. 😉

4 ~ You are his Beloved daughter and nothing you do will ever separate you from his love.

We all fall, we all make mistakes, we all have our own struggles, we all disappoint our heavenly Father, we all have fallen short BUT through Christ and the redemption of the cross we are able to pick ourselves back up and run right back into our Daddy’s arms.

I mean Jesus said it himself in John 15:12 “My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you. Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.”

You know what that means? You are not only his daughter but also his friend. He laid down his life even while you were a sinners. That is love sis.

Oh and you can’t forget the wonderful scripture in Romans 8:38-39 “And I am convinced that nothing can ever separate us from God’s love. Neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither our fears for today nor our worries about tomorrow—not even the powers of hell can separate us from God’s love. 39 No power in the sky above or in the earth below—indeed, nothing in all creation will ever be able to separate us from the love of God that is revealed in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

Not to mention the love you have from your family, friends and those precious children of yours.

I pray that you know how valuable, how virtuous and how victorious you are in Christ Jesus and how loved you are by everyone around you. I pray that God would fill you with his will, give you your hearts desires, open your eyes to see the amazing ministry you have right before your eyes and you can embrace it with open arms. I pray that you will finally see yourself as Christ sees you and that the striving for mans approval would be gone and you would know that it’s only God’s approval of your heart that you need.

Seek him with your whole heart sis… for he is waiting to show you great and mighty things.

Love ya,