Be YOUnique – DIY Glitter Glass Jar

Make-up Glitter Glass Jar - Be YOUnique

These beautiful Glitter Glass jars add so much personality to your makeup routine. I’ve seen these a few times on Pinterest and just thought they were so adorable. My daughter Makayla loves her makeup and has always wanted a cute little brush holder for all her makeup brushes so I figured I’d try my hand […]

DIY Mason Jar Tissue Holder

DIY Mason Jar Tissue Holder with Bless You Vinyl

Learn how to make this DIY Mason Jar Tissue Holder in the following tutorial   These Mason Jar Kleenex Tissue holders are the cutest things ever! If you’ve been anywhere near Pinterest then I am sure you have seen these floating around on some of the top crafting boards out there. I’ve made several of these for my […]