Welcome my fellow Empty Nest Momma! Below I have separated all of the blog posts I have written about the life of this Christian Empty Nesting Momma. 

Whether you are a single Momma, married to your best friend or going through a horrible break-up, entering into an empty nest can be a shock to your entire being. 

My hope and prayer is that through the words the Lord lays on my heart to type become medicine to your heart and soul and that you will find the strength and courage to rise up and fulfill the call that God still has on your life. 

If there is ever a topic you would like me to dive deeper into just let me know by contacting me here! 

For now…Check out any and all the posts that you feel led too. I know each one of them was written by the leading of the Holy Spirit and I still come back and re-read them again. 

Be Blessed – Audrey

Purpose over Passion

Purpose and Passion I don’t know about you but I’ve been seeing these words float around a lot more lately than ever before. Maybe it’s

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