God Needs You to Dream BIG!

Inspiring Women of Faith to DREAM BIG, Crush their fears and Live a Life filled with Purpose.

Coaching with Audrey

Coaching goes way beyond the title. A Coach pushes you so that you will reach your full potential. A Coach strengthens you to perform the task at hand. A Coach reveals to you who you truly are and the potential that you have. A Coach is there with you at the finish line cheering you on.

Vision Board Workshops

These Vision Board Workshop’s go so much deeper than cutting out pictures from a magazine and pasting them to a board. It’s a journey! One that takes you through the process of Dreaming again to taking actionable steps to manifest those dreams. All from a Biblical basis.

To Dream Again Podcast

The “To Dream Again” Podcast series will inspire women of faith to Dream Again, Crush their fears and live a life filled with Purpose.

Let Your Joy be Full

That My joy may remain in you, and that your joy may be full. What does this even mean?Can you really experience joy amid all hell breaking loose around you?Can you really hold onto your joy when someone tries to steal it?Can the joy of the Lord really give you...

Overcoming Medical Woes by Trusting God

As I sit here and read back through my journal of 2018 I'm in AWE of everything God has done for and through me. With the number of medical issues that arose this year, you would think I would be depressed, worried, concerned and freaking out. But I'm not! Why?...

What People Are Saying…

Within the first week after the vision board workshop, I completed more than 7 goals that I had written down. Janice Rivera

Owner, Kreations 2 Inspire

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