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Do you have any idea how many different ways there are to make money online? Oh, my goodness is there a lot.

So…Melissa and I were chatting the other day about all the different ways we’ve used to make an income online while using our God-given talents and passions and we came up with this brilliant idea!

Well, we think it’s a brilliant idea anyway. 🙂

So these different ways are actually called “Online Business Models” and we’re thinking how cool it would be to showcase one business model a week and really dive into the different aspects of it.

We want you to get the juices flowing, get your motor running (are you about to sing…get out on the highway? yeah me too), get you excited about all the opportunities you have to not only share your message and talents with others but make some moola in the process.

We may also be doing some Facebook Lives so if that happens we will definitely let you know.

For our first week, we’ll be chatting about one of the most popular and successful business models that have made millionaires left and right from.

That model is…Blogging