About Audrey

Do you truly believe that life is a Journey and that every season, every moment, every situation and circumstance you’ve ever experienced builds upon the next?

That when you look back on your life you can see the stepping stones that God laid out in front of you to bring you to where you are at right now? (Also, those stones that led down the wrong path but you learned something from it)

That is me.

Today as I write this about me page I am reminded that this life is not my own and that when you totally surrender it over the Father, great and mighty things start to happen.

It all started back in 2017 when I knew God was calling me to Dream BIG! and to really trust him with those dreams.

The beginning of 2018 I stepped out in faith and did my first Vision Board Workshop. I took the very outline he gave me in my prayer closet and presented to a group of  friends.

For 4 hours they were given permission to dream again, crush their fears and believe that they could live a life filled with purpose.

Gods Purpose!

After that, I opened up an Online Vision Board Workshop that was a HUGE success!

That’s where this all began. After stepping out in faith God has opened the doors for me to be a Life Coach and really come alongside other women of faith and help them to see their true potential.

To really find out who I am and what God has done in my life you can always read my blog posts. These posts share my journey on faith, business and helping others.

Some of the accomplishments I’ve had over the years are:

  • Speaking to over 14,000 youth in my county for a Youth Empowerment program. We spoke about the importance of goal setting, personal development, making right choices and how to get back on track if/when you’re knocked down.
  • Training 100’s of small business owners on how to effectively use Social Media to market their business and increase their profits substantially.
  • Created and executed a complete online Membership site that offers video tutorials to teach Seniors how to use Facebook and Skype so they can stay connected with their families. I have taught these classes at several of the local Assisted Living Facilities and am still Facebook friends with many of those that attended. You can check out the site here: SocialMedia4Beginners.com
  • While in college getting my Bachelor of Science Degree in Internet Marketing I created, launched and led a support group named iWomen. This group was for all the women who were taking classes online and ended up being such an amazing resource for those of us that sometimes felt disconnected.
  • Consulted with new Entrepreneurs on branding, marketing and sales techniques that have helped to grow their businesses.

As you can see, ALL of these jobs or business endeavors have led me to where I am right now!

God has called me to Inspire Women of Faith to DREAM BIG, CRUSH their fears and live a life with Purpose through Speaking, Coaching and Vision Board Workshops.

I would love the opportunity to lead and walk with you on this journey of Rediscovering Your Purpose and watch as God shows up mightily on your behalf.

Let’s get Personal

My life is an open book and I love to share with my readers and clients a little bit about me on a personal note. Maybe we are alike in some areas…you just never know.

  • I met my husband Billy online at ChristianCafe.com (We’ve been married now for almost 17 yrs. and it’s been wonderful)
  • My husband is a pastor and his calling is in the healing and deliverance ministry (He cast out demons and it’s pretty cool to see)
  • I have 3 children, a son Shane and two daughters, Brianna and Makayla
  • I have 4 Grandchildren – Orion, Gracelyn, Mason, and Ezra – Being a Grandma ROCKS
  • My husband and I are empty nesters and we LOVE it
  • I always wanted to be a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader or an Actress (One of my goals is to play a part in a Christian movie that impacts millions of people)
  • I live in the sunny state of Florida and love the beaches and sun
  • I have 5 siblings (3 sisters and 2 brothers)
  • I lost my mom to cancer in 2006 and my older brother Ray in 2012 (They are both rejoicing with the angels and in the presence of our Lord)
  • I have the gift (sometimes I do question if it’s a gift or not) of empathy and can literally feel what others feel. When I do get this I am quick to go into spiritual warfare for that person
  • Speaking of spiritual warfare I’ve been told that I am a powerful prayer warrior. What can I say, I love to watch Satan get defeated and God get the glory
  • I’ve had to work on overcoming fear for years now and still wrestle with stepping out in faith sometimes.

There you have it! Just a few things about me and my life.

I would LOVE to learn about you so why not head over to these social sites and let’s connect:


Y’all Be Blessed,