Christian Online Vision Board Workshop

Online Vision Board Workshop

My dear, beautiful sister in Christ,

God is calling you to Dream BIG, crush your fears and live a life filled with purpose! Let me ask you just three question:

  1. Do you have dreams that you’ve laid down years ago and feel that it’s time to pick them back up?
  2. Do you have visions that God gave you when you were a little girl that you just can’t shake?
  3. Are you ready to stop allowing fear to hold you back from what you know God is calling you to do?

If you answered YES to all three of these question then you do not want to miss out on this Vision Board Online Workshop!

Although local/in-person Vision Board Workshops are extremely fun and a great networking opportunity I do realize that not everyone can make it to one.

So when God put it on my heart to bring my local Vision Board Workshop Online I had NO IDEA how it would work but I obeyed…and boy am I thrilled that I did.

The impact that this 7-day workshop has had on the lives of the women who have gone through it humbles me to my core. 

God's Vision + Your Obedience = Doors of Opportunity!

 It was at the beginning of 2017 that I felt like the Lord was stretching my faith and wanting me to Dream BIG!

I had heard of vision boards, also known as dream boards and future boards, but to be honest I always felt like there were so New Age. But that little nudge from the Holy Spirit would not go away!

So I really started researching all about these Vision Boards and why/how they were working for everyone. Of course, for me, I did more of my research in scripture because I’m very careful as to what I allow in my life.

I spent months in God’s word and just allowed him to show me everywhere in his word that talked about vision, purpose, His timing, writing goals, accomplishing goals and just trusting in Him and the process.

It was then that he laid out the entire Vision Board Workshop that is now what I teach to women all over the world. I created my vision board with the understanding that these dreams and visions were from God and that in His perfect timing they would ALL manifest and He would get all the Glory.

In just 7 short months these dreams/visions have already manifested:

  1. A Check for $10,000 was handed to my husband and me out of the blue
  2. Have been a guest speaker at a Women’s Event
  3. Reached over 2,000 Subscribers on YouTube Channel
  4. Increased my monthly income by 1,000%
  5. Facilitated a large Vision Board Workshop
  6. Have inspired others to dream BIG and crush their fears
  7. Crushed fear of heights and horses

Not only have these things been manifesting in my life but I have been a witness to so many other women that have taken this Online Vision Board Workshop that are having their visions to come pass also.

This workshop is not just about putting pictures on a board.

It is a journey and one that God is waiting for his daughters to take.


Audrey, thank you for all the praying, planning, preparation and sharing your heart! What an incredible inspiration. This was such a beautiful blessing. Sad to see it end. I thought I’d share that each month I do projects with my grandchildren. Several months ago the Lord laid on my heart to do vision boards with them but I wasn’t sure how to lead them through a “God inspired” vision board. I started researching, and He led me to this very timely class. So we will be doing ours together, God willing in the near future.

[Janice] So, I’m so excited that I made this vision board a couple months back & i’m proud to say I will be a camp counselor/adventure specialist God is truly taking me back to where it all started as a kid I went to mont lawn camp in pa and its a Christ base camp n it was awesome God sowed seeds in me at that young age back in the 90’s && now He wants me to be the one to help sow the seeds this summer so I’m so excited I am walking in my purpose because I am STRONG i AM TRANSFORMED & I AM DIABETIC FREEE I’m happy & i lost weight and plan on losing more this summer 💕 Vision boards do work & God works through it. I’m a true testimony of that 💃💃💃💃

Day 1: Laying the Foundation for Vision Board


God is calling his daughters to Dream BIG! On this day we discuss God’s Purpose for you and begin to lay the foundation for your Vision Board. Are Vision Boards really from God or is this all that New Age stuff? I’ll show you biblically that God gave his children the Vision Board long before New Age got a hold of it.

Feedback from this Day:

[Chrystal] I just got done watching the replay and ad video. Girl, you rocked it!!! I am hanging on every word and eager to read His Word for myself as to what He says about visions. I did start a vision board years ago, but never finished it. I thought of it as having goals/motivation/reminders before you. But I am more and more becoming questionable about it really working when you dream big. When you speak about it, though, it makes all sense and I find it intriguing what happened today with me and then, hearing what you spoke. I def felt like I had a dream awoken experience. 

Day 2: Give Yourself Permission to Dream Again


Whether you have forgotten dreams or don’t think you have any, today you dream and you dream BIG!

Today is the day that we go back in time and dream a BIG dream. Today is the day I dare your to Dream Again! Give yourself permission to go back to being that little girl and allow God to reveal those dreams again.

Feedback from this Day:

[Vicki] The best comment I can give is a big AMEN to everything you said. Thank you Audrey. 

Day 3: Crushing those Limiting Beliefs


Limiting Beliefs and Fear? Yeah, today we annihilate them!

Today is the day we crush those limiting beliefs you’ve lived with for far too long. That fear, doubt, and unbelief, yep he is going down today. Those thoughts that you’re not worthy enough or don’t deserve to live out that dream God gave you? Yep, they are ALL going back to where the Lord Jesus Christ would send them.

Feedback from this Day:

[Amber] I just got the chills from what you reiterated from your prayer about crossing the line in the yard and that it doesn’t hurt. 🙌🙌 

Day 4: Writing Your Goals (There is POWER in it)

“Write the Vision and make it plan…” – Habakuk 2:2

Did you know that people who write down their goals have over an 80% higher success rate of achieving them than those that don’t write them down? Let’s get you in that 80% bracket and work together on writing some attainable goals.

Feedback from this Day:

[Liz] I registered for a mini-intensive speaking course and will be joining Toastmasters next week or so. I’m so excited! Stepping out in faith. 

Day 5: Creating Your Vision Board

What time is it? It’s Vision Board Creating Time! 

The day we have all been looking forward to. The day we put Vision to our dreams, desires, and goals. Today you get creative and use that right hemisphere of your brain  and put together your Vision Board. I’m looking so forward to see what dreams God has placed in your hearts that will ultimately glorify HIM.

Feedback from this Day:

[Chrystal] Audrey, I am looking at myself in the mirror in the eyes when I speak it, talk about being powerful! Amen! Such power!!! Alive and active!! 

Day 6: Taking Action

It’s time to start taking ACTIONABLE steps towards these goals that are now visual. 

Today we discuss taking actions towards our dreams and rising above every challenge that comes your way. You are VICTORIOUS!

Feedback from this Day:

[Abigail] God started challenging me with goal setting the last week of February….so timely 

Day 7: A Day of Reflection & Encouragement

And they rested on the 7th day!

Today is the day to rest, to take it all in and reflect on all God has been doing these last 6 days. It’s also a day to be encouraged, to look at your Vision Board and know that God is working everything out for those dreams, visions, and goals to come to pass at the PERFECT time! Looking forward to hearing some of the dreams God has awakened within each of you. ❤️

Feedback from this Day:

[Deborah] Audrey, thank you for all the praying, planning, preparation, and sharing your heart! What an incredible inspiration.

Don’t miss out on this Online Vision Workshop. Women from all over the world are watching the very dreams and visions God has given to them manifest before their very eyes. I’ll leave you with this one question…What has to happen in the next 365 days for you to look back and say, “This was the BEST Year Ever!”

Use THAT to be your motivation…because I believe that after you take this Workshop, this will be the Best Year of your life. 

Be Blessed,