Bible Quotes on Strength

These Bible Quotes on Strength are here for you to meditate on, to be built up and encouraged. If you were to take just one of these bible quotes print it out, place it where you can see it all day/week/ or month-long and truly meditate on it, your strength will be increased, you will […]

Power of Words Illustration

Video Illustration of the Power of Words A couple months ago someone shared on Facebook a video that has forever impacted the way I look at words. I’ve alway known that words are very powerful  but never considered the way in which we place the words can change our lives as well as those around […]

I have come to realize…

Lessons in Life As you get older you start to realize the things mom and dad told you were all the truth. It turns out they knew a thing or two about life. As you go through your own life you have two options, you can either take your experiences and turn them into good […]