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What is a Cricut Machine and What Can I Use It For

What in the world is a Cricut and what do you use it for? I mean, what sort of things can you make with it? I would have to say this question is the number one question my friends ask me when I show them all the things I've been making with my Cricut Explore Air 2...

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Be YOUnique – DIY Glitter Glass Jar

These beautiful Glitter Glass jars add so much personality to your makeup routine. I've seen these a few times on Pinterest and just thought they were so adorable. My daughter Makayla loves her makeup and has always wanted a cute little brush holder for all her makeup...

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DIY Mason Jar Tissue Holder

  These Mason Jar Kleenex Tissue holders are the cutest things ever! If you've been anywhere near Pinterest then I am sure you have seen these floating around on some of the top crafting boards out there. I've made several of these for my friends...

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You Are a Masterpiece, Handcrafted by God

My youngest daughter Makayla had just given birth to her first baby, a very cute, precious little boy named Ezra Michael. She stayed with us her entire pregnancy since her husband was deployed to Iraq and they had just got stationed in North Carolina where she knew...

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In the midst of all the tragedies…God is there

I woke up this morning to the horrific details of what is going on in Las Vegas, NV, and my heart just sunk. As I sat there watching the news coverage I started thinking of everything that has been going on in the world these past few months and my heart just breaks....

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