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Not that interested in the DIY projects and just want to purchase the cute, amazing, awesome projects I'm working on? You got it. Hit that shop button and shop to your hearts content...or until your wallet says no more. ;)

Pallet Signs

Pallet Signs

This is where it all began! From Pallet signs to pallet furniture, I've loved the process of taking a regular pallet board and turned it into something wonderful.

Special Occasions

Weddings and Babies, Holidays and Birthday's ~ This is when it gets fun ~ creating something for those that want to celebrate others.


Showcase your work effectively and in an attractive form that your prospective clients will love.
Bless You Mason Jar tissue holder


Bless You Decal

Bless You Vinyl Decal

Can be used as a car decal – wall decal – or on other projects.


Happy Customers

Cloud computing subscription model out of the box proactive solution.

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