Hey there! Welcome to my little piece of heaven on earth…my very own crafting space. Who knew that I would love crafting so much when I got older?

I use to be, well I still am a lot of the time, that girl that always said she wished she could be as crafty as so and so. Or I’d see things online, you know like Pinterest, and only dreamed about being crafty and creative.

That was until my daughters bought me my first Cricut machine. For over a year I had followed so many others as they created such wonderful things with that machine. My daughters knew I had been wanting one and so for Mother’s Day of 2017, they gave me one. I cried like a baby. lol Seriously, I did! You can check out the video right here.

Since then, I have created so many wonderful DIY Projects, vinyl art decals, customized t-shirts, and so many other wonderful things. Of course one of the greatest joys I’ve had is being able to teach my other friends who have purchased their Cricut since I’ve had mine, how to use it and not have to go through the frustrations I did.

This is what led me to start doing HOW TO tutorials for the Cricut and especially using your iPad.

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DIY Mason Jar Tissue Holder

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