Are you really prepared for God’s answer to your prayers

Dad holding his toy dream carThe year, I believe was 2003 and it was the first year in a long time I was able to buy my parents something for Christmas. My mom got a beautiful print of Calvary, by Octavio Ocampo and dad got one of those metal red convertible collectors cars.

You see, my dad has always wanted a red convertible and that year I purposed in my heart to make that dream come true for him. Of course for this Christmas, he would just have to do with the toy convertible.

Fast forward to 2006 and my mom, who was a prayer warrior and precious woman of God, was staying with me in between surgeries for her cancer. I remember one morning we were praying and the Holy Spirit came over me like a flood and I started praying that God would allow me to buy my Dad that red convertible. My mom came into agreement with me and it was done…in the spiritual realm, we would just wait on the manifestation of it.

Let’s fast forward again to now, June 2017. Mom passed away in 2006 but my prayer all those years ago and her agreement were still in the forefront of my mind. I never once doubted that God was going to answer that prayer, knowing it was the desire of my heart and how much I wanted to bless my Dad, there was just no room for doubt.

That was until I found out that my Dad went out and bought himself a brand (new to him) red Mustang convertible.  I knew he had been talking about the convertible a lot lately but didn’t know that his desire for it was growing so fast. To be honest I believe that when his optometrist told him that in a few years he would no longer be able to see out of one eye, he decided it was now or never.

I had so many emotions going through me when I found out. Heartbroken yet elated, sad yet happy, disappointed yet pleased, hurt yet joyful. I mean, how can so many emotions run through one person??

I felt as if God had let me down. That he hadn’t allowed my business to prosper soon enough. That he didn’t answer my prayer and I just couldn’t understand why. I was devasted, to be honest. I cried my eyes out, the whole time asking God why?

I also felt like my Dad didn’t believe in me enough to be able to buy him that car. Or that he didn’t think I would be able to before his eye gave out on him.

As I gathered myself together, my dad was calling me on Facetime. I answer and he asked me if I had seen the video he posted on Facebook of his new car? Of course, I said yes and proceeded to tell him all the emotions I was going through.

He stopped me in the middle and explained to me how God had answered my prayer…just not the way I was thinking it would be answered.

Overcoming my fear of horsesYou see I’ve been conquering my fears this year 2017 and documenting it on our Facebook page. I’ve been sharing inspirational and motivational stories, encouraging others to not allow fear to hold them back. I’ve conquered my fear of driving a boat, petting a cat (I was terrified of cats I would hyperventilate when they came near me), riding a horse, starting a new business venture, doing Facebook Live videos and just stepping out of my comfort zones.

Well, my dad has been watching, reading and listening to this daughter of his and because of all these motivational posts, he knocked fear out of the park and went and got himself his red convertible. I had no idea that even though dad wanted that car, there was fear that was holding him back. When he saw me up on that huge horse, facing my fear he told himself that if I could do it then so could he.

Of course I just rode a horse…he went and got himself a Mustang. lol

It took me a couple days and precious moments with The Lord to finally realize that this site, the posts I’ve been sharing on Facebook, the things I’ve been doing afraid…they are for a greater purpose. They are to bring Glory to our Heavenly Father. This is the platform he has given me to show his love and to break the spirit of fear off those woman entrepreneurs that God is calling to share their talents and message with the world.

He has given Melissa and I this platform (our website and social media sites) to show his love and to break the spirit of fear off those woman entrepreneurs that God is calling to share their talents and message with the world.

Through a simple heart’s desire, a fervent prayer, an agreement, and actions are taken afraid, God answered my prayer in such a beautiful, deep, profound way that from this day forward I’ll never question his ways again.

Is God calling you to do something but fear is holding you back? Let us know in the comments below and we will begin praying for you right now.

Y’all Be Blessed,

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