Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness? ~ 2 Corinthians6:14

The year was 2000 (Y2K) it was the beginning of November and I had just come out of a really bad relationship. My kids and I were attending church regularly but I always felt shunned because I was a single mother of 3 children.

God was showing me things, he was speaking to me through his scriptures and I wanted so badly to share it with someone.

If you’re a single mom you know what the day consists of… Getting the kids ready for school and daycare, going to work, pick them up, cook dinner, help them with their homework, clean up after dinner, give them baths, spend time with them, put them to bed and then you FALL into bed exhausted only to repeat the day all over again.

Well, I wanted to fellowship with other Christians so I researched Christian sites. I ran across this site called and they had a 2-week free trial. Heck, I didn’t have any extra money to pay so I figured I could find someone who I connect within 2 weeks. (I know that sounds cheap but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do) 🙂

I fill out the get to know my form and answer them all honestly.

Within minutes I had people connecting with me and was on my way to finding pen pals.

I’m about a week into it when I get an email (they supply you with your own email within the system so you don’t have to use your personal one) from this guy saying that he read my profile and today was his last day of a free trial would I mind giving him my email address so we could correspond.

I gave it to him and we started corresponding through email, then through phone calls.

Two weeks went by and we decided to meet. He drove up Panama City Beach, Fl where I lived at the time from Orlando after working all night long (he was a chef at the time). We met in the Winn Dixie parking lot.

Can I just say ladies that he didn’t look that great or smell that great either? He hadn’t shaved, spelled like food and was exhausted from driving all night. Anyway, we talk for a little bit and over the course of a couple of days we got to know each other. When he left I thought I had found a great friend but there were no sparks and I kinda liked it that way. I wasn’t ready for another relationship.

The next day he didn’t call me and I was all upset because I actually missed talking to him. He called the next day and said God had shown him a vision. The vision was us getting married, the lives of my 3 children flashed before him and he saw all three of them growing up and he asked God if I was the one for him. God spoke to him and said, “You choose!” He chose and God said, “Then I ordain it to be son!”

Unknowing to the both of us, at the same time my daughter Brianna and I were driving down the road when she said out of nowhere, “He said yes, Mommy.” I asked her, “Who said yes and what did they say yes to?” She replied, “I asked God if you were going to marry Billy and he said yes!”


We got married on the beach at sunset on May 25, 2001, and I have never been more happy, more in love and more content in my life. My husband, Billy had never been married, never had children and for him to take me as his wife with 3 children was a miracle in and of itself.

We have had many ups and downs, many financial burdens, many heartaches from raising the kids but through it all, we have never fought once and held each other in the highest regard.

If you are a single Christian looking for that special someone, don’t wait!

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