Does God Care About Soccer Shoes

Of course, He cares about soccer shoes! Especially if it’s important to His children.

This “so that” moment is brought to you by a personal testimony that happened to me and my daughter Brianna.

You see, times were tough for us when the kids were smaller. It was right after 9-11 and finding a job anywhere was very hard. My husband worked in the restaurant industry here in Orlando, FL and since no one was traveling he was let go from his job. The only jobs he could find were for very low paying jobs but to keep us afloat he took them and worked 2 full-time jobs, plus trying to build a catering business.

I was homeschooling all three of the kids and we were getting no public assistance. When I look back now I honestly can say that it was only by the grace of God that we survived without losing anything. For two years we only brought home $18,000 one year and I think $20,000 the next year.

I’ll share those testimonies some other time but for now, I want to tell you this amazing story about my daughter’s soccer shoes.

Brianna soccer picture

Brianna got on a soccer team either through my parents paying for it or she got a scholarship since we couldn’t afford it.

Well, I didn’t’ even think about having to buy her soccer cleats but she needed them and she needed them for the first night of practice.

The week before she had to have them she kept asking when we were going to get her shoes? Of course, I told her that we didn’t have the finances but that God would supply when she needed them.

How many of you out there can testify to the fact that God is an eleventh-hour God. When you NEED it you’ll have it and not a minute sooner. lol

So it’s the night before and Billy was tipped very well that night so we had leftover money for us to buy the cleats. We run up to Walmart praying that they still have some and in her size.

Not only do they have them, but it’s also the last pair of cleats (it’s soccer season so they sold out fast) and it’s HER SIZE SHOE!!!

But there is a problem, there is no price tag and since it’s the last pair we have no idea how much they are. I think we only had like $20-$25 to spend on them so I had no idea if we even had enough money to get them or not.

We head up to the register and I let the women know that it was the last pair so I don’t know the price. After having someone make sure there were no other ones, she called the manager to see what to do.

Mind you, the line is getting longer, people were getting frustrated and I kept apologizing because I hate holding people up.

My anxiety was through the roof, I was so embarrassed and all I could think of was what if they are more than what we have and I’ve just made everyone stand in this line for what??? A lot of faith I was walking in huh? Lol

The manager comes up from the back, it’s been like 10 minutes and the people behind me finally went to another line. The manager just looks at me and tells me that since I have been so patient and waited long enough that she was just going to give me the soccer shoes.

Whaaaaatt??? Are you serious?

Yep, she was serious!

So here Brianna and I are just looking at each other as we walk out of Walmart with the last pair of soccer cleats, in her size, for FREE!

What does this have to do with God’s “so that” moments?

Remember, God’s “so that” moments bring Him Glory, testifies to His goodness, reveals that He is the one true God, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and it always points us back to Him.

If we had gone to that store the day before, I am sure there would have been more soccer cleats and we would have paid for them and walked out of there with no testimony. But, since we didn’t have the money until the last day we went to find the last pair of shoes and in her size. That to me is already a miracle and shows the goodness of God.

But then we had to wait in line, me having anxiety and worrying about everyone behind us. Or I could have gotten angry and made a scene but chose not to. Well, that’s not me anyway, I don’t like drawing attention to myself or causing a scene. Lol

For a little bit of aggravation and embarrassment, we walked out of there with a Free pair of soccer cleats.

Things like this happen to me all the time and I just sit back and let God show up and show out. Why get upset over it. It always turns out better than I can even imagine it. 

To this day both me and Brianna tell this story to everyone that will listen. When the Lord started showing me His “so that” moments, this story came to mind and I knew that was one of many God’s “so that” moments in my life.

He gets the glory and we got the shoes. 😉

Oh, and our faith grew just a little bit stronger.

What about you? After hearing this story, can you relate? Do you have a “so that” moment that was brought to your memory while reading along? If so, I’d love for you to share in the comments below so we can glorify God with you.

Until next “so that” moment…
Y’all Be Blessed,


Does God care about soccer shoes
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