How to Download Fonts to iPad and use with Design Space

Did you know that you can download Fonts to your iPad and use it in programs like Design Space, Microsoft Word, and Excel?

Before I started crafting I use to help my sister do web design work so I knew that you could download different fonts onto your computer but didn’t realize it was an option for your iPad until I started using Cricut’s Design Space.

Being able to create and design projects on the go, as the ideas come to me, has been a HUGE blessing.

In order to download the fonts, I do recommend an App called AnyFont (this tutorial does use this app to install the fonts). The app does cost $1.99 but it seems to be the most popular and highly rated font app in the app store PLUS it’s super easy to work with.

 Watch the Video Tutorial Below 

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Follow the STEPS Below  

STEP 1 – Install AnyFont App onto your iPad (Do this FIRST before moving forward)

Anyfont app icon

STEP 2 – Head over to and either search on the name of the font you want to download or look through the thousands of fonts they have. For this tutorial, I downloaded and installed the Autumn in November font. Once you have found the font you want to download click on the download button to the right of it.

Using Dafont to download fonts to iPad

STEP 3 – Choose Open the zip file in AnyFont. If AnyFont does not appear, click on the More button and the second screen will appear where you can choose to Copy to AnyFont.

STEPS 4 – 12 – These next several steps are pretty straightforward but I know my friend Diana, and maybe you are like this also, whenever something pops up on her screen talking technical stuff she freezes up and won’t move forward.

I totally get it and understand because you don’t want to mess anything up so I walk you through these next handful of steps just so you can see that it didn’t mess anything up and in fact downloaded and installed the font on my iPad.

Tap on icon to install

Tap on Allow

Tap on Install (located at the top right of screen)

Enter your iPads passcode (this may not appear if you don’t have a passcode)

Tap on Next (located at top right of screen)

Tap on Install (located at top right of screen)

Tap on Install

Tap on Done (located at the top right of screen)

Tap on Done (top right of screen)

Click on Open and it will take you back to the Anyfont app

You have successfully just downloaded a font onto your iPad. Now you can go to town downloading all your favorites fonts and start using them in Design Space.

If this tutorial helped at all, why not share it with a fellow Cricuteer?

Y’all Be Blessed,

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7 Responses

  1. Quick question…can you use these installed fonts for writing? Your video was so helpful to download everything but I mainly want to write using these downloaded fonts but can’t get it to switch to writing. Thank you in advance.

    1. Hey there Diana,
      Thanks so much for watching the video and commenting. So glad it was helpful. In order to make the font writable all you would do is select the text > tap on Layers at the bottom. A window will pop out on the right, tap on the arrow and more options will appear. Tap on Write, choose what pen color you will be using then click Make It. That should do it. I just walked through these steps and it worked like a charm.
      Hope that helps. If you run into anything else just let me know.
      Be Blessed, Audrey

  2. Hey thank you for your video! I’ve always used Anyfont With DS on an iPad Pro. This morning I was loading new fonts and signed back into DS to work on projects and all the fonts I’ve EVER loaded are gone. I’ve tried reloading from AnyFont and they still don’t show up in DS. I checked other apps that access the the list of fonts and they work fine. From what I’ve been reading and told this isn’t an issue from DS since the fonts are not loaded directly to DS they are on my iPad… So why would they show up on other apps and not DS? Sorry in advance if this doesn’t make Any sense and I understand If you can’t help but thought it’s worth asking and hope you don’t mind. I’m in tears and already behind from last weeks update crashing DS. Any help or suggestions ?
    Please and thank you!

    1. Good Morning Linsey, I am so sorry this has you in tears. I know the frustration for sure. After doing my own research I could find nothing that would give us an answer. I checked my iPad, the DS app and everything seems to be working fine. My only suggestion would be to call Cricut and speak to someone on the phone. Maybe they can walk you through some steps that could answer this for you. Also, I had a comment on Youtube for this video from someone that said you can also use iFont which is free to download and use. I just went through all the steps and it worked perfectly for me. I’m just wondering if that might make a difference.
      I really wish I had the answer for you. The only other thing is just making sure that all your apps and the ios are up to date. Working with technology these past 20 years I have found that you can run into crazy glitches just because the programs are not up to date.
      If you do figure this out, please let us know. That way if anyone is reading this comment they won’t have to go through the frustrations you have.
      Praying that you figure this out soon.
      Be Blessed,

  3. This was great and I followed along and installed a font on my ipad. Went to cricut design space and there it was! My question is, why isn’t it showing up on my iPhone?

  4. Thank you so much for tutorial! You did a great job walking us through it. I laughed when you mentioned your friend, Deanna. I’m a brand-new Explore Air 2 owner and I’m using my iPad for Cricut Design Space. Like your friend, I would have stopped at some point because of frustration. I look forward to watching more of your videos. Have a blessed day! ~~ Dee Ann

    1. Hey there Dee Ann, Thank you so much for your sweet comment. It seems like a lot of us would have stopped. It was a bit much for sure but I’m just glad I was able to record the whole experience. I just got a new iPad so I can do more videos. Be on the lookout for them and be sure to subscribe to the YouTube Channel. In 2020 I’ll be doing a lot more crafting using the Cricut and Design Space on the iPad. Thanks again for the comment, it’s mean a lot.
      Be Blessed,

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