Love letter from Dad to Mom

I found a short and sweet Love letter that my Dad wrote my Mom years ago that brought a huge smile to my face. 🙂

I have all sorts of Bibles that I read and today it just so happened that I picked up The Daily Bible® that my Mom had bought me years ago from GuidePosts. I’m flipping through it asking God what he wants to show me when a piece of paper falls out of it.

On the piece of paper is my father’s handwriting where he wrote,

Dear Audrey, “I love you more today than I did yesterday but not as much as I will tomorrow! I can’t define love I can only experience it, and with you I know what love is. Love is all moments of time shared with you to form us, as one.” Love Ray

I can hear you say the same thing I did, “Awwwwww!”

It reminded me of a plaque that hung in their room that said the same thing. They lived out a Godly marriage in front of us six kids and although I’m sure they had their disagreements I never lived in fear of my parents divorcing. Oh and if you ever disrespected Mom you always had Dad to contend with when he got home. You didn’t upset his wife or you’d get it.:)

I remember asking my Dad one day while he took me to work, “If Mom and I were drowning and you could only save one of us who would you save?” Without hesitation he said, “Your Mom.” I was so hurt by that, I couldn’t understand how he could say it so matter-of-factly and let me just drown. (Figuratively speaking that is LOL)

That is how much my Dad loved my Mom. They were one and if he was to lose her he would lose a part of himself. (Or, at least that is why I think he said that lol)

I started thinking about God and how he has given us a book of love letters…the Bible.
Somedays I read the words in my bible and they move me.
Other days they convict me
Still other days they stretch me
But everyday his words show me how much he loves me.

I know there are days that we don’t feel that love from God or from our family and friends for that matter. But I’m here to tell you that you are loved beyond what you can imagine. Think of a person in your life that you love so much it hurts. Now, multiply that by 100 and that is the love our Father has for YOU.

I pray that today you will feel that love and my virtual hug I’m sending you through the computer. (((HUGS)))

Let me know in the comments what love letters have you received or found recently that meant the most to you? I’d love to hear about them!

Y’all Be Blessed,



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