Streams in the Desert Daily Devotional

I had never heard of Streams in the Desert until one of my Mom’s friends gave her a copy of it as a Christmas gift in 2005.

You see my mom was diagnosed with Cancer in Nov. 2005 and she had the faith much bigger than a mustard seed that God was still in the miracle making business. She surrounded herself with faith-filled friends, got her hands on multiple books that were on healing, posted scripture verses throughout the house, ordered tapes on healing and held onto the heavenly father like never before.

She continues to hold on to him but is much closer than you and I because she has been walking hand in hand with him since she took her last breath here on this earth on August 13, 2006.

The 8 months that mom was able to read Streams in the Desert she devoured it.

All through the book there are highlighted sections, prayers she said for loved ones, names of those she felt that particular devotion would help and writings of her thoughts.

On many occasions, Mom would tell me what the devotion was about and we’d end up talking for over an hour about it. Of course whenever we talked about God and his word we never wanted to get off the phone. 🙂

July 22 is the last time my mom’s highlighter ever touched the pages of this book. The very last thing she highlighted was:

Our time is in His hands, and He will quickly avenge those He has chosen, swiftly coming to our support without ever delaying even one hour too long. ~ Andrew Murray

That just gives me chills every time I read that. 🙂

Daily Devotions that always speak to the heart

Well, after my mom passed away I got a lot of her Christian books, cd’s and DVD’s but this daily devotional has become a staple in my everyday walk.

From the scriptures that are shared to the inspiring revelations, God has used this book to comfort me, encourage me, strengthen me and speak to me in that still small voice when I was going through some of the terrifying storms of my life.

Have you ever had those seasons where you literally feel like you’re in a desert where there was no water, no shade, no escape, just utter desolation? I have many times since my mom’s death but I have learned that when I start feeling like that I run to the one who can fill me back up and replenish me with living water.

I own many devotional books but this one always seems to speak right to my heart no matter what season I’m in. Of course having my mom’s markings on the pages makes this book even more special to me.

Subject Index & Scripture Index

Subject Index: Another thing I really like about this book is the fact that you can look up a devotion based on a subject. Whatever you are going through you can flip to the back of the book to look for that subject matter and will find daily devotions that coincide with what you are looking for.

Scripture Index: Studying a specific book of the Bible? Flip to the back of the book where you will have a list of the different book along with verses that coincide with the daily devotionals.


JOIN ME in reading the Streams in the Desert together. I have created a YouTube Channel where every day I’m going to be sharing what God has revealed to me with each Daily Devotional and would LOVE to hear what he is revealing to you. Find out how you can join a community of women that have a heart for God and is seeking after his heart in order to do HIS will.

Have you read Streams in the Desert? If so, I’d love to hear in the comments below how this Daily Devotional has impacted your life
Maybe you have another devotional you are reading that you’d like to share with all of us. You can do that also in the comments below.

Be Blessed and Live this Lyfe Victoriously 🙂

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