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My wonderful sister Melissa posted this in her notes section of Facebook the other day and I can’t help but to keep going back to it and reading it over and over and over again.

This was one of my mom’s many clippings she had that spoke volumes to her. I’m finding it’s in these clippings that she found much wisdom and passed it onto us six kids.

Whether it be in our personal or professional lives there are times that we come to the realization that letting go is the only way to move forward.

To let go does not mean I stop caring,
it means I can’t do it for someone else.

To let go is not to cut myself off,
it’s the realization I can’t control another.

To let go is not to enable,
but allow learning from natural consequences.

To let go is to admit powerlessness, which means
the outcome is not in my hands.

To let go is not to try to change or blame another,
it’s to make the most of myself.

To let go is not to care for,
but to care about.

To let go is not to fix,
but to be supportive.

To let go is not to judge,
but to allow another to be a human being.

To let go is not to be in the middle arranging all the outcomes,
but to allow others to affect their destinies.

To let go is not to be protective,
it’s to permit another to face reality.

To let go is not to deny,
but to accept.

To let go is not to nag, scold or argue,
but instead to search out my own shortcomings and correct them.

To let go is not to adjust everything to my desires,
but to take each day as it comes and cherish myself in it.

To let go is not to criticize or regulate anybody,
but to try to become what I dream I can be.

To let go is not to regret the past,
but to grow and live for the future.

To let go is to fear less and love more
To let go and to let God, is to find peace!

I hope and pray that when you find yourself having to choose between letting go or holding on that God would give you the strength to let go. In letting go, you’re actually moving forward!