Welcome my beautiful sister in Christ! Below I have separated all of the blog posts I have written about the Christian Faith, the bible, scriptures, and even some tough topics that I’m sure will get a lot of comments on. lol

I do weekly bible studies at my house and I take all those studies and will be adding them to the host of other faith filled blog posts that I have been writing for years now. 

If there is ever a topic you would like me to dive deeper into just let me know by contacting me here! 

For now…Check out any and all the posts that you feel led too. I know each one of them was written by the leading of the Holy Spirit and I still come back and re-read them again. 

Be Blessed – Audrey

What does God say about Me
Positive Thoughts

What Does God Say About Me

After years of negative self-talk and thinking my life was worth nothing, I went on a quest to find out what does God says about me.

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